My name is Julie.

I qualified as a lawyer in Dublin just as the economy turned.

I took this as my chance to break for the border... or in my case Paris.

As with all spontaneous decisions I didn't really think this one through. I had no plan and very little money. This meant it took me about a year to start finding my feet. Throw a broken foot and a broken heart into the mix and the result was a very hard first year in Gay Paree.

I had all but decided to pack my bags and move on to the next big city when things miraculously turned around and I found work that I wanted to do.

I'm still not there yet in terms of settling in but I have started to settle now..... its been 18 months.

Now I am making the transition from just keeping my head afloat and trying not to drown, to actually establishing myself in Paris and making a real life and home for myself here.

This blog will document my attempts to integrate more with the very closed Parisians and just basically try to bloody work them out!